The Benefits of Integrating your Finances

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MW Lomax (MWL) was founded for one sole purpose – getting quality specialist advice for accounting, investment, superannuation, insurance or lending under one roof. The benefits of this integrated approach are huge, and never more evident than by the experience of one of our clients from the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

The couple were looking to purchase their first home in Sydney, while also wanting to put a plan in place for their retirement, knowing that while they are earning a substantial income, this would be their best opportunity to get ahead.

MWL Senior Financial Planner John Mackrell met with the clients to discuss their first home purchase, only to find out they required more advice. They needed guidance for two separate areas of their wealth management. Due to MWL’s integrated wealth management policy John was able to bring along his colleague Ken Batten, an MWL Finance advisor, to the first meeting to focus on their lending requirements.

John and Ken helped the clients obtain a conditional approval for a purchase. When they eventually purchased their new apartment, John and Ken were there to guide them through the process. They helped them every step of the way, from loan document signings and meetings all the way through to settlement.

After suffering a serious flu, the clients realised that any serious injury or illness would put their lifestyle and assets they had at risk. John spoke to MWL’s Insurance Advisor, Mark Horrocks, and introduced him to the clients. MWL’s integrated approach allowed Mark to use the advice of John and Ken which helped him find the perfect policies to cover the client’s lifestyle and assets in the case of death, illness or injury.

Pleased with the ease of the MWL integrated approach, they have now also met with MWL Accountant Katherine Appleby to manage their tax matters. This includes investment income from the United States, where MWL’s expertise can help with the tricky issue of double taxation.

There is no job too big or small, to difficult or complex for the MWL team of specialists. MWL have experienced specialists to cover all areas of your financial needs, whether it be Accounting, Financial Planning, SMSF, Investment, Insurance or Mortgage broking. The MWL specialists are able to tailor plans to suit your current and future circumstances because they get to know their clients and their goals and are always working towards it together.

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