Jeff BanksTax and Business

Meet Jeff:

Jeff is not your ordinary Accountant.

He is President of Belrose Rotary, a member and past president of Forest Chapter of BNI, a Past President and former director of Pittwater Business Limited. He has also been a member of Business Blueprint for in excess of 5 years along with his wife.

Jeff has his own YouTube channel where he discusses all things related to property and business Accounting. He speaks in words and terms that everyone will understand – not just accountant. Click here to watch and subscribe to his channel.

His children are his biggest passion – all three being very successful in their chosen fields.

He loves to fish but doesn’t get to do it enough.

Jeff’s heros in life are Harold Abrahams and Robyn, his wife, who manages to keep all my ideas in perspective


Jeff Banks joined MWL in 2015 having been in private practice as an accountant for in excess of 30 years (40 years if you count the period as an employee in a small chartered firm where he cut his teeth). He has a degree in Business Studies majoring in Accounting from Sturt University (back then known as Mitchell College of Advanced Education) and has diplomas in accounting and taxation but it’s the ever striving to get a degree in what Jeff terms “Gutter Technology” that sets him apart from the more “traditional” mode.

Jeff ran his practice the same manner he brings to the MWL table on the ideals of 1. Reducing your tax liability legally, 2. Speaking in the language of the client, 3. Dragging clients kicking and screaming to compliance and 4. Being more than a silent partner in a client’s business. His expertise especially around property, property deals and small business sees him often speaking from stage where his personality and his obvious passion for his subject matter come to the fore. His staff marvel at the way he can take the more complex taxation stressor and through a calming effect ease a client’s worry.

His ability to see a need and fill it with either a structured plan or a referral to an MWL expert makes him a valuable member of any client team.