Success Story: Spruce Bar

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At MW Lomax we take great pleasure in witnessing the wealth and success of our valued clients, father and son, Bill and Rhys (respectively). Whether it be return on investment, business growth and development or personal achievements, we always strive to assist in reaching new heights with our clients.

On that note, it was an honour for us to attend the opening of Spruce Bar 25th August. With passion, a clear vision and a little help from MW Lomax along the way, Spruce Bar is unlike any other grooming products and gift store you are likely to find in Australia. The opening was nothing but a hit within the community and we are delighted to be part of the continual growth of such a unique family business.

However, unknown to most, co-owner Bill, unfortunately suffered a heart attack only one month prior (28th July) the grand opening of their cherished establishment. In a time of such distress we sought to assist Bill and Rhys in any way possible. As a client within our insurance services, MW Lomax managed to secure a 100% payout within a three week turnaround, relieving the family of any financial stress associated with such a traumatic event. Fortunately Bill has managed to make a full recovery and MW Lomax continue to support him on the road to wealth and success. 

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