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We want to show you the people behind MWL Financial Group and what makes us different, so why not start right at the top?

Today we talk with directors Jon, Nick and Louie.


When and where did the MW Lomax dream begin?

The origins of MW Lomax date back to 2001 when Nicholas and Jon, with a combined 30 years of both corporate and private financial services industry experience, decided there had to be better, more personal way to manage people’s wealth – so MW Lomax was created.

What differentiates MW Lomax from other wealth management firms, banks and institutions?

The most common process to get expert financial help across all areas of finance, is to seek advisors from different firms to work separately towards your specific needs. This obviously creates the issue of the duplication of expenses as well as advisors contradicting each other’s advice, due to your advisors moving between areas of specialisation, with no one advisor truly understanding your ultimate, holistic financial goals. This makes having an effective financial strategy extremely difficult.

What differentiates MW Lomax from the others, is that all specialist advisors work together under the same roof.

We have recognised that it is far more effective for clients if their Financial Planner, Accountant, Insurance Advisor, Finance Broker and Portfolio manager are all working together to complement each other and understand that one advisor simply cannot be an expert in all areas. The advisors have regular meetings to discuss a client’s needs and work together towards the client’s goals, eliminating the issues encountered by going through various advisors.

MW Lomax provides a 360-degree view on your wealth, how it should be managed and looked after so you have more time to focus on the things that matter to you, your goals and aspirations.

What is your favourite client success story?

We would all have to agree on the Spruce Bar story. The owner was a valued client of ours, that we had established a long-term and very positive relationship with. However, one month prior to the opening of the Spruce Bar business, the client in question very unfortunately suffered a major heart attack. We knew the client and their family would be under great distress during this time, so we set about going to work immediately and managed to secure the client a 100% insurance payout within a three-week turnaround. This alleviated lots of undue stress and financial pressure on the family, and we were honoured to be in attendance for the opening of their cherished Spruce Bar business only one week later, with great smiles on their faces.

What is your favourite, or attempted tax deduction?

 “A model plane tester once claimed his entire model plane collection, under research and development.” -Louie

“A teacher successfully claimed her expensive puffer jackets because she had to stand outside.. sometimes!” -Jon

“Someone tried to claim a boob job as a medical expense rebate.” -Louie


 Plans for MW Lomax in the near future?

We plan on growing MW Lomax into an Australian wide business where we can provide more services to more people, yet do so in a way that our specialists maintain and even build on their already positive relationships established with clients.

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