How to Switch Off These Holidays

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After a tough twelve months of hard work and the occasionally undue stresses of life, everyone deserves some time away. The benefits of ‘switching off’ from work and life are highly researched and allow us to feel at ease both mentally and physically – and take on the new year with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and optimism.

Whether it is one day, one week or one month you have to rejuvenate over the holiday period, here are our tips to make the break as beneficial as possible.

Switch Off!

The phone, the laptop, the emails. If you can afford to step away from the digital world and work emails for a large period of time, limit the time to only 1 hour a day, and communicate it to the people relying on you. Failing to do so will mean that work will always be on your mind, and you may find yourself working when you are technically on leave.


Whatever it is that takes your interest, whether it be novels or informative books, pack a couple into your bag so you have some reading material over the break. This seeks to stimulate the mind and gets you into a mental state optimal for creativity and problem solving, a perfect attitude to strategise your approach for the year ahead.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

Arguably the most important element – spend time with your family, friends and other loved ones and enjoy your time spent together.

Don’t Rush

Your holiday time should be spent at a leisurely pace. Slowing down allows the body and mind to recharge. Use the leisurely pace to take pleasure in the activities you have planned for your break or simply leave a few days free of plans completely.

Get Outside

There is comprehensive scientific research out there that supports the role of nature on the human body, both physically and mentally. Whether you are a beach-bum, love the thrill of the mountains or have another ‘happy place’ you like to call your own, get outside and enjoy the fresh Summer air. Trust us, as soon as Winter hits you will be wishing you did!

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