4 Finance Books Everyone Should Read

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When it comes to truly understanding your finances, the more knowledge you can acquire, generally the wiser decisions you can make. And hiding inside the pages of books old and new, are finance rules and lessons available for us all to learn and develop from.


The Richest Man in Babylon – George S. Clason

A tale which stands the test of time, The Richest Man in Babylon provides seven simple rules of money and five laws of gold which are just as relevant in today’s modern world as they were in the ancient city of Babylon many thousands of years ago. The book successfully manages to provide fundamental financial lessons whilst adopting a novel storyline to most effectively and practically demonstrate their role in everyday life.


The Essays of Warren Buffet – Warren Buffet & Lawrence A. Cunningham

This book comprises of Warren Buffet as CEO of Berkshire’s letters, predominantly to shareholders. The letters comprise of insightful business analysis and lessons that seek more strategic investment rather than mere ‘market theory’ protocols. The letters over time tell a tale of success and investment, also providing clear moralistic lessons in the world of business.


Thinking, Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman

This book, whilst not classified under ‘finance’, provides an insightful and Nobel-prize winning look into how human intuition works. Applying research and innovative psychological theory, the book can provide readers with a true understanding of their intentions and motives behind all decisions they make – and what they can do to control their decision making and in turn, lead to smarter investments.


Freakonomics – Stephen J. Dubner & Steven Levitt

An intriguing study of economics that often links the most unlikely of subjects together to form engaging tales of research and study. The book explores many of the principles of economics in a novel way, helping the reader understand linkages within society and the financial world, and how the world of economics is all-encompassing.

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